Halaman Ke : 447

MP3 Tilawah Syaikh Mahmud Hushariy

25. [They will be asked], "What is [wrong] with you? Why do you not help each other?"

26. But they, that Day, are in surrender.

27. And they will approach one another blaming each other.

28. They will say, "Indeed, you used to come at us from the right."

29. The oppressors will say, "Rather, you [yourselves] were not believers,

30. And we had over you no authority, but you were a transgressing people.

31. So the word of our Lord has come into effect upon us; indeed, we will taste [punishment].

32. And we led you to deviation; indeed, we were deviators."

33. So indeed they, that Day, will be sharing in the punishment.

34. Indeed, that is how We deal with the criminals.

35. Indeed they, when it was said to them, "There is no deity but Allah," were arrogant

36. And were saying, "Are we to leave our gods for a mad poet?"

37. Rather, the Prophet has come with the truth and confirmed the [previous] messengers.

38. Indeed, you [disbelievers] will be tasters of the painful punishment,

39. And you will not be recompensed except for what you used to do -

40. But not the chosen servants of Allah.

41. Those will have a provision determined -

42. Fruits; and they will be honored

43. In gardens of pleasure

44. On thrones facing one another.

45. There will be circulated among them a cup [of wine] from a flowing spring,

46. White and delicious to the drinkers;

47. No bad effect is there in it, nor from it will they be intoxicated.

48. And with them will be women limiting [their] glances, with large, [beautiful] eyes,

49. As if they were [delicate] eggs, well-protected.

50. And they will approach one another, inquiring of each other.

51. A speaker among them will say, "Indeed, I had a companion [on earth]

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